A phone call from you make me awoke in this sunny morning. I can felt the cold breeze tried to slip onto my body that covered with the blanked. I picked your call up and I could hear your giggling across there.

Cute, I thought. “It’s Sunday, and too early to waking me up, baby.” I said as if I want to go back to sleep.

“You promise to take me go to date today, do you forget about it, Ge*?” She asked. She sounded upset when I was like forgot about our plan.

“Shellin, how about next time?”

Silence. She didn’t answer me. I couldn’t hear anything there until I heard she took a deep sigh to expressed her disappointment.

I chuckled. I cannot tease her anymore because she will sulking at me right after. “Alright, I will pick you up at nine.” I said.

“See you later, Ge.” She said before ended our call. I smiled as I put my phone down.

I jumped from my bed then walk into the bathroom to prepare myself. Today would will be another our precious day, I thought.

I stunned out there as she answered the door. She never failed to makes me impressed with her innocent yet pretty look. She wore cream-olive colored jumpsuit and beige turtle neck as the top, she also tied her hair up that make her looks more mature. She didn’t put too much make up on, it makes her look perfect today.

She smiled at me and calling my name with her lovely voices. “Theo-ge, how do I look?”

“You look beautiful as usual, and getting more beautiful day by day.” I said then patting her head softly. I take my hand down and let the gap of my 5 fingers hold her hand. “Let’s go, sweetie.”

We spent our day by talking about how our yesterday was, eat some pieces of cake, eating ice cream, and many more.

I don’t want this moment over. I want to be like this in every second of my life. Spent my time together with my girl, Shellin, was the best thing I have ever had.

“The sky is getting dark, but I don’t want to take you home now.” I said while we were sat on the swings at the park. I felt so anxious whenever the dusk comes. “I don’t want to face every bas possibility about us in the future.”

The autumn breeze keep blowing toward us, wrapping us within the silence. Until she looked at me then smiled. She rest her palm onto my hand, she shared her warmth to me. “Gege, please don’t think any negative. Trust me that nothing will happened.”


I trust any words you said to me but the fate can’t be changed.

You are leaving.

You said that we no longer have any compatibility.

But the fact is, your so called best-friend just took you away from me.

It has been a half year since we ended our relationship. You cut all our contact, pretending we are never exist or being in relationship.

Four years five months we spent our time together, I gave you all my love and affections, but it seems it doesn’t meant to you.

Spring has come and took me there again, in the cafe that often we visited back then. I sip my Americano while looking at you who is coincidentally here.

Your bright smile is still the same as the first time we met. You look so happy today, without me on your side.

You already forget about my existence while I am here keep thinking about you. About us.

I am hurt alone. I don’t know how to heal this wound. I’m too love you.

People said that times would heal the wound. I will let the times did their work.

*Gege (N. to called the older boy or older brother in Chinese)